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Company Name SAKIGAKE-Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Location Head Quarters
50, Onmaeda-cho, Nishinanajo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8897 SAKIGAKE Building
TEL:075-204-9589 FAX:050-3488-5883
Saiin Office
164-1, Shimizu-Chou, Saiin, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615-0052
TEL:075-205-3206 FAX:050-3488-5883

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President and Representative Director Kohshi Taguchi
Director of Youth Career Support Association
Director of the Japanese Association of the Intellectual Asset Management
Checkers Corporation Representative
Year of Establishment 04/09/2002
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Banks MUFG Bank, Kyoto Central Branch/ The Bank of Kyoto, Shimogamo Branch
Business Description Development of various semiconductor manufacturing equipment using plasma, including deposition equipment using liquid sources and surface modification equipment, development, manufacture, and sale of semiconductor manufacturing equipment through contract manufacturing and sales research, deposition agency, etching agency, and sales of various materials and processed products.
Business Domain Sakigake Semiconductor’s plasma technology is used in various industries such as semiconductors and electronic components, and its range of fields is further expanding.
Research and Development We make full use of our extensive network
to solve problems.

We see plasma technology is a first-class supporting role.
It is an undeniable fact that plasma technology often has a supporting role. Such as helping to create new technologies and improve quality by utilizing plasma technology alone.
Although it is by no means the main role, plasma is said to be a “key technology” for that reason.
Sakigake semiconductor makes full use of its wide network and extensive knowledge (information) centered on his technology to greatly contribute to the development of industry, from research and development to production sites.
Quality & Manufacturing
In addition to plasma performance, operability and cost are comprehensively considered. For custom-made products, we will optimize the design based on meetings with customers.
Parts and Materials Procurement
We obtain the materials from multiple suppliers in consideration of the balance between performance, delivery time, and cost for each part we specialize in. We also check the specifications of each component in detail.
We check the manufacturing manual each time and assemble accurately and in a short period of time.
Inspections are carried out at any time from the reception of parts to each stage of assembly. Immediately before shipment, inspections are conducted not only by personnel from the manufacturing department but also by personnel from other departments.

Quality Policy

1. basic philosophy
The company aims to manage the company with a primary focus on contributing to society through plasma technology. We value the thoughts of our customers and employees, and contribute to creating a rich, safe, and livable society by constantly providing new technologies. The environment in which we operate is changing dramatically and the technologies required by society are also diversifying.。 As a pioneer in plasma technology, we will continue to refine our technologies daily, create new value, and strive to be a company that contributes to research and development worldwide.

2. quality policy
・In order to achieve this quality policy, we set quality objectives and carry out activities to accomplish them.
・Aiming to enhance customer satisfaction, we ensure compliance with requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
・All employees of the company shall be aware of their respective roles and responsibilities in quality management and shall carry them out together.
・This quality policy is made available externally via our website.
Quality Management System
In December 2023, Sakigake Semiconductor Seiin Plant obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, the international standard for quality management systems. Under thorough quality control, the company is committed to the continuous operation and improvement of a system that enables it to provide even higher quality products and services, and aims to be a company trusted by its customers.

■ Certification and registration overview
Registered Organization: Sakigake Semiconductor Seiin Plant
Applicable Standard: ISO 9001:2015
Scope of Certification: Design, manufacturing, and contract processing of deposition equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Certification Registration Number: GIJP-1198-QC
Date of Certification: December 29, 2023



  1. 2002

    Founded as a venture originating from Kyoto Institute of Technology.
  2. 2006

    Certified as a ‘Manufacturing Accredited Company’ by the Agency of Small and Medium Enterprises.
  3. 2007

    Changed the company name to Sakigake Semiconductor Corporation.
  4. 2009

    Certified as a ‘Manufacturing Accredited Company’ by the Agency of Small and Medium Enterprises.
  5. 2010

    ・Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Kansai Front Runner Award 2010 (powder plasma treatment technology)
    ・Selected as one of the 2010 KANSAI Manufacturing 100 Companies
    ・Certified as a model company for the practice of “wisdom management” in Kyoto Prefecture
  6. 2011

    ・Kyoto Prefectural Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent Technology Award (powder plasma processing technology)
    ・With business expansion, the head office was moved to Nishinanajo Onmaedacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City.
  7. 2012

    ・Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun “Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent New Technology / New Product Award” Received the Excellence Award and the Special Award for Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
    (SKIp-CBL300 large-area Atmospheric Pressure Plasma System)
    ・Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun’s “Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent New Technology / -New Product Award” (the world’s first powder processing technology using liquid electrodes) Encouragement Award
    ・Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 24 Received the “Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Commendation -Creative Achievement Award” in the field of science and technology
    ・Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry “Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen” certification (Atmospheric Pressure Powder Plasma Treatment System “PPU-800”)
    ・Certified as a “Genki Seal Certification System” based on the Kyoto Prefectural Small and Medium Enterprise Support Ordinance
  8. 2013

    Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry “Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen” certification (Rotary Vacuum Plasma Device “YHS-DΦS”)
  9. 2014

    ・Small and Medium Enterprise Agency “New Collaboration Business Plan” certification
    (Commercialization of plasma processing equipment that can efficiently perform batch surface treatment of powders and fine parts)
    ・New Value Creation Exhibition “Best H! NT Award”
  10. 2016

    Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun “Ultra” Manufacturing Parts Grand Prize (Dielectric barrier discharge electrode that does not require gas supply) Electric and Electronic Components Award
  11. 2018

    ・Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen” certification (Fluidized bed atmospheric pressure plasma powder processing system “LLPP”)
    ・”Kyoto Model” Work-Life Balance Certified Company
  12. 2021

    ・Reiwa 2 Kyoto City Shining Regional Company Awards Regional Enterprise Shine Award
    ・Declaration of Health Offices from Kyoto Accreditation
  13. 2022

    ・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Excellent Health and Productivity Management Organization 2022” certification
    ・Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun “2022 “Super” Manufacturing Parts Award” Health, Welfare, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Parts Award
    (Self-assembled single-molecule surface modification system by PE-MBF method SAMy series)
    ・Certified as a Kyoto Smart Product in FY Reiwa 4
    (SAMy Series, a device that improves the breakage of droplets of cosmetics and other products while reducing environmental impact)
  14. 2023

    ・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Excellent Health and Productivity Management Organization 2023” certification
    ・Reiwa 4 Kyoto City Shining Regional Company Awards Regional Enterprise Shine Award
    ・Certified as “Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen 2023” (perpetuation of plasma effect by dry process with reduced solvent consumption)
    ・Received the Excellence Award in the 3rd Wisdom-1 Grand Prix Challenge Division
    (Fundamental reform from medical care and industry to daily life through accurate liquid supply)
    ・Awarded the “Nippon Brand Award” at the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun “2023 Ultra Manufacturing Parts Awards”
    (Innovative Technology for Improved Liquid Drainage)
    ・Awarded the “Director General of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Award” at the 58th Machinery Promotion Award
    (Development of Plasma-Based Self-Assembled Monolayer Surface Modification Technology and Equipment)
    ・Acquired ISO 9001:2015 Certification (Limited to Seiin Plant)
    ・Awarded Global MIKE Award (2023)
  15. 2024

    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Excellent Health and Productivity Management Organization 2024” certification.



Kind-hearted Challenger

Company Motto

Just give it a try.

Purpose of Entrepreneurship: Creating a place where people who work hard can do their best.
Meaning of establishing the management philosophy, company motto, and purpose of entrepreneurship. Our company, which has a short history as a company, will differentiate itself from other companies through highly advanced initiatives and secure its superiority in market competition. In order to carry out highly advanced initiatives, it is necessary to continue to take on challenges without fear of failure. However, committing acts that deviate from market competition beyond the scope of ethics is something that should not be done in a corporate organization that is said to be a public institution of society. Therefore, our management philosophy and corporate motto are intended to continue taking on new challenges based on harmony with society and other related parties, companies, and the country. In addition, since he started the business with the desire to create a culture suitable for continuing to take on challenges, he decided to “create a place where people who work hard can do their best.”

Guidelines and Principles

  • Exceed Expectations

    Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and listen to them to the end to capture their invisible needs. Provide value to the other person. Continue to provide ideas until the other person is satisfied.

  • Emphasis on Teamwork

    We will support each other with sincerity and accelerate each other’s growth. By creating a network that transcends organizational boundaries, we will create value that exceeds the scale of the company.

  • Cultivating Human Potential and Growth

    Humility and always ready to learn something from others. Show gratitude in words and actions. Always enjoy your work with positive thinking.




Aiming for corporate management with a primary focus on
contributing to society through plasma technology.

Sakigake Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a university-launched venture company founded based on the results of plasma research at the Graduate School of Kyoto Institute of Technology.
After graduating from university, I worked as an engineer at a company, and I went to graduate school with the desire to further refine my skills, and through research, I founded the company in 2002 to spread the possibilities of plasma technology to society through my own power.
Sakigake Semiconductor aims to manage the company with the first priority on social contribution through plasma technology. We value the thoughts of our customers and our employees, and contribute to the creation of a prosperous and safe and comfortable society by constantly providing new technologies. The environment surrounding our company is changing dramatically, and the technologies demanded by society are diversifying. As a pioneer in plasma technology, Sakigake Semiconductor will continue to take on challenges as a company that is useful for research and development around the world, by refining its technology every day, creating new value.

Representative Director Kohshi Taguchi

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