Product rental

Before placing an official order at Sakigake Semiconductor,
various equipment can be rented.

We rent various plasma products. Please bear the equipment transportation fee, installation fee, transportation cost of our engineer, and accommodation fee in the case of distant location. Japan In addition, if you wish to have an experiment by our technical staff, we will respond at an optional fee. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Contract processing

We can handle entrusted processing
up to Small lot to regular / large lot

At Sakigake Semiconductor, we can handle contract processing from small lots to regular and large lots. We will treat you according to your request (vacuum plasma, atmospheric pressure plasma, UV treatment).

  • • When the customer comes to the company, we will perform consignment processing using various equipment in the presence.
  • You will send us a sample by mail, and our technicians will process your request on consignment.
  • We will bring the equipment and do the consignment processing at the customer’s designated place.
  • We will procure and process the samples specified by you.
  • We can handle from small lots to regular and large lots.
  • We will perform treatment according to your request (vacuum plasma, atmospheric pressure plasma, UV treatment).

Main in-house facilities

  • Clean Booth
  • Draft
  • 2- and 3-axis robots
  • Ultrapure water generator
  • Needle touch step meter
  • Contact angle meter
  • Adhesion evaluator
  • Electronic balance
  • Constant temperature and humidity chamber
  • DC power supply
  • Microwave power supply
  • Pulse power supply, etc.

Contract Processing Videos
Remote demo / remote consignment is possible!

This is a video of demonstrating / commissioning the products of Sakigake Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
The explainer is Ueno from the sales department.
You can watch the experiment remotely.


Contract research

Development of various surface modifications, etching, thin film formation, etc.
We will conduct commissioned research on the requested process.

At Sakigake Semiconductor, we conduct contract research on the requested processes such as the development of various surface modifications, etching, and thin film formation. We also accept joint development by dedicated engineers. The following is a development example.

  • Research and development of joining processes for dissimilar materials
  • Research and development of cleaning processes for various materials
  • Development of a coating process for carbon fiber
  • Research and development of cell culture petri dishes
  • We can develop surface modification of carbon powders such as CNTs, up to large lots.
  • Thin film formation of substrates for solar cells
  • Research and development of thin film formation for next-generation displays
  • Practical development of university seeds, etc.