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Notice of Start of Construction of New Factory “20th Anniversary Commemorative Building” to be a base for new businesses to start next spring

In order to start the plasma contract processing business as a new business, Sakigake Semiconductor Co., Ltd. will acquire land in Kyoto City and construct a new factory “Sakigake Semiconductor 20th Anniversary Commemorative Building”. Construction of the new plant began on December 1, 2022, with the aim of completion in July 2023


【As a base for new business】

We have mainly manufactured and sold plasma equipment for surface treatment processing to universities and research departments of major companies. We have developed equipment based on technology that is familiar with the principles of plasma processing, and have delivered more than 800 units to semiconductor and other electronics manufacturers and lens manufacturers.
In recent years, in addition to the electronics industry, we have been receiving an increasing number of highly novel inquiries from fields such as biotechnology and medicine. There is a growing need for new plasma processing for R&D and small-scale production, but there are many projects that are not on the market scale to introduce equipment


164-1 Saiin Shimizu-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto specification

Site area: 190 square meters
Building area: Approx. 120㎡, Total floor area: Approx. 360㎡
1F Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processing Floor
2F Vacuum plasma treatment floor (clean room installed)
3F Office Floor
* Smooth communication is possible by online always-on monitoring with the head office.

December 1, 2022

Expected July 11, 2023

Machinery & Equipment

Atmospheric pressure plasma equipment: 2 large units, 2 medium size units, 2 small units ・ Plasma torch operated by a 2-axis robot
・Continuous film processing is also possible with R to R
Vacuum plasma equipment: 3 large units, 2 medium size units, 2 small units ・Contract processing in a clean environment is possible.
Evaluation equipment, etc., others: Optical microscope, contact angle meter ・Handling of objects to be processed in a clean bench
・Improve the accuracy of plasma processing with luminescence measurement equipment during the process
・Introduced back-end equipment such as dip coaters and spin coaters

Description of Business
Plasma contract processing business

Number of employees
Planned to have a total of 23 employees (total number of employees including head office at the time of operation in July 2023)

Investment amount
Approximately 200 million yen


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