• Process gas available
  • Atmospheric pressure (direct)
  • Gas-less processing
  • Painting / Plating
  • Adhesion / Bonding
  • Cleaning / Sterilization
  • For manufacturing
  • Processing to special shapes (film, powder, tube, three-dimensional objects, etc.)

Atmospheric Pressure Direct Plasma Film Crimping Machine D500-HR

Equipment capable of simultaneously processing two films by direct plasma using dielectric barrier discharge and immediately afterward thermo-compression bonding.

Product Overview

- Plasma treatment + Thermo-compression bonding
- High treatment effect by direct plasma
- Reduces heat damage to the film by lowering the temperature of thermo-compression bonding.
- Treatment is possible without gas introduction (atmospheric)
- For making laminated films, laminating, packaging, etc.
- Only one film (without lamination) can be used

(technical) specification

Device name Atmospheric Pressure Direct Plasma Film Crimping System
model (e.g. of a vehicle) D500-HR
Processable film width Max. 500 mm (can be changed by option)
Gas/steam introduction into plasma processing section possible
Plasma processing unit 2 pcs. (High-speed processing is possible by adding more pcs.)
electrode Stainless steel, quartz (with water cooling mechanism)
Max. transport speed 30mm/s
Max. thermo-compression temperature 130°C
External dimensions D1000mm x W1400mm x H 1300mm