• Atmospheric pressure (remote)
  • Painting / Plating
  • Adhesion / Bonding
  • Cultivation / Dental Care
  • Cleaning / Sterilization
  • For experimental use

Pen-type atmospheric pressure plasma system P500-SM

There is almost no heat damage!

Product Overview

Surface modification: Stable generation of plasma without damage from electric charge in an environment of atmospheric pressure!
Wire bonding: Ideal for increasing strength!
Others: Biotechnology and medical fields.

Feature of product

■There is almost no heat damage.
→It is possible to process samples that are sensitive to heat.
(Depending on the conditions, the sample surface may be heated to around 40°C.)
■ It is not a current-concentrated arc condition like corona discharge.
→No electrical charge damage is caused to the object being treated.
■ Only nitrogen gas is recommended.
■The unit operates on a 100 VAC outlet, allowing it to be used in a variety of situations.
■It can also be used as laboratory equipment.
■Specialized in fine surface treatment
■ Easy maintenance.

Combined with setting table

【Pen Mounting stand】.
The torch can be attached to the installation stand.
Height 600mm x arm length 200mm
¥8,800-(excluding tax)


■Pre-treatment for wire bonding
Improves bonding performance by cleaning electrode surfaces without damaging the LSI
■ Glass substrate cleaning
Cleaning of organic matter adhering to substrates for optical glass and electronic device fabrication.
■ Metal thin film processing
Hydrophilic treatment without damage to thin metal films on insulators (not possible with corona discharge).


Product name: P500-SM
■ Plasma pen
Material (body): resin, quartz, metal (depending on the case)
Weight (g): Approx. 100
External dimensions (excluding protrusions) (mm): Approximately φ20 x 100.
■control section
Weight (Kg): approx. 3
Dimensions (mm): 160(W)×245(D)×110(H)
Supports flow meters and other functions and options.
■Operating Environment
Allowable temperature range: -10°C to +60°C
Prohibited chemicals: organic solvents, strong bases, strong acids, strong oxidizing materials
Gas used: Nitrogen