• Atmospheric pressure (direct)
  • Gas-less processing
  • Painting / Plating
  • Adhesion / Bonding
  • Cleaning / Sterilization
  • For experimental use
  • Processing to special shapes (film, powder, tube, three-dimensional objects, etc.)

Tabletop atmospheric pressure asher device SS-50

Handheld type for easy handling. Space-saving desktop control box. Hydrophilicity depends on the gas used. Plasma is generated with air. The handheld type allows treatment of uneven surfaces. Operates on a 100 VAC outlet. Ultra-lightweight with a 4kg control box available. Wire bonding is ideal for improving strength! Also suitable for biotechnology and medical fields.

Product Overview

■ Handy type and easy to handle
■Control box is a space-saving tabletop type
■ Hydrophilicity depending on the gas used
■Plasma generation using air
■ Handheld type enables treatment of uneven surfaces
+ Operates on a 100 VAC outlet
Ultra lightweight (control box 4kg specification available)
■Wire bonding : Ideal for increasing strength!
■Bio and medical fields


Tabletop Atmospheric Pressure Asher Equipment
Model SS-50
Size: 210mm(W)×230mm(D)×180mm(H) *excluding protrusions
Stage dimensions: 70mm x 70mm
Effective processing area: diameter 50mm (circular)
Adjustable output Gas introduction Not required