• Atmospheric pressure (direct)
  • Gas-less processing
  • Painting / Plating
  • Adhesion / Bonding
  • Cleaning / Sterilization
  • For experimental use
  • Processing to special shapes (film, powder, tube, three-dimensional objects, etc.)

Tabletop direct atmospheric pressure plasma device TK-50

Low price. Small size. Simple structure. Uniformity. Processing efficiency. Almost no running costs. For continuous processing of films, etc. using atmospheric pressure plasma.

Product Overview

■Low price
■Small size
- Easy to combine with other equipment
Integrated processing and operation unit for easy handling.
■Simple structure
- Easy maintenance and inspection
- Easy replacement of electrodes (consumables)
■ Uniformity
- More uniform irradiation than handheld corona treatment
■ Processing efficiency
– No need for evacuation compared to vacuum plasma processing.
■ Almost no running costs
– Can be used without gas supply
■ Continuous processing of films and other materials by atmospheric pressure plasma.


Equipment name: Tabletop direct type atmospheric pressure plasma equipment
Model TK-50
External dimensions (excluding protruding parts)210mm(W)×230mm(D)×190mm(H)
Processable width 50mm or less
Output adjustment Yes
Gas introduction Not required
Power supply 100V (50Hz/60 Hz)