• Process gas available
  • Vacuum
  • With high frequency generator
  • Painting / Plating
  • Adhesion / Bonding
  • Cultivation / Dental Care
  • Cleaning / Sterilization
  • Hydrophobic
  • Lipophobic / Stain repellency (under development)
  • Lipophilic (under development)
  • For manufacturing
  • Processing to special shapes (film, powder, tube, three-dimensional objects, etc.)

Vacuum plasma system US-80A

Up to 80 of 500 mL bottles can be plasma processed at a time! By replacing the electrodes, it is compatible with bottles of various capacities and shapes!


■Surface modification equipment for the inner and outer surfaces of bottles
■Processing into cell culture vessels
■ Pretreatment for surface printing of metal containers such as PET bottles, glass bottles, cans and other materials


Model: US-80A
External dimensions: W745mm, D695mm, H1445mm (lid closed, not including protrusions)
Weight: Approx. 250kg
Control system: Touch panel
Processing pressure regulation: Automatic process pressure control by APC
Processing volume: 80 bottles/batch (when using Iboy 500mL bottle (diameter 75mm, height 160mm))
Gas introduction: 1 system, automatic flow control by MFC
Power supply: 13.56MHz max.1kW


Power Supply 3 Phase 200V15A + Single Phase 200V15A, Compressed Pneumatic CDA 0.3MPa
* Vacuum pump is sold separately. We also accept specification changes separately.