• Process gas available
  • Vacuum
  • With high frequency generator
  • Thin film formation
  • Hydrophobic
  • Plasma durability test
  • For manufacturing

Water-repellent coater CFC-550

Water repellent treatment using solid sources. A thin film of resin is formed on the surface. Reduced environmental impact. It can also be applied to other resins.

Feature of product

Water repellent treatment using solid sources
→ process gas is argon only!
Forming a thin film of resin on the surface
→ Highly permanent processing
Reducing environmental impact
→ does not use CFC gas
Can also be applied to other resins
→ wide range of applied technologies!


■Anti-coating coating film for painting
■Antifouling treatment of kitchen utensils
■Waterproofing of electronic boards
■Water repellent treatment of film
・Condensation suppression, anti-fogging, improved mold release, and improved sliding performance
・Acid resistance, stain resistance, snow accumulation prevention... etc

Principle of operation

Fluororesin, which is easy to handle, is scraped and formed on the base material! Reduction of environmental impact by processing without using CFC gas.


Device name: Water repellent coater
Model CFC-550
Dimensions: 780mm(W)×780mm(D)×1500mm(H)
Weight 300kg
Chamber dimensions Φ490(W)×790(H) *Optional changeable
Gas system 1 system * Multiple systems can be supported as an option
Power supply 100V, 15A (50Hz/60Hz)