• Atmospheric pressure (remote)
  • For experimental use
  • Processing to special shapes (film, powder, tube, three-dimensional objects, etc.)

“Dielectric Barrier Discharger Plane Type SKIp-CBL300 (Dr. Sakai’s technology, Kyoto University)

Uniform treatment of 300mm square is realized. Almost no thermal damage. There is no current-concentrated arc state like corona discharge. Plasmaizes all gases, including rare gases such as Ar and He, as well as nitrogen and air.

Product Overview

- Uniform treatment of 300mm square is realized.
-> Plasma is generated in the form of a plane, enabling batch processing.
- There is almost no damage caused by heat.
-> It is possible to process samples that are sensitive to heat.
- It is not a current-concentrated arc condition like corona discharge.
-> No electrical charge damage is caused to the object being treated.
- Plasmaizing all kinds of gases.
Not only rare gases such as Ar and He, but also nitrogen and air can be easily plasmaized.


- Multiple gas supply systems - Single axis robot X-Y robot R to R - Touch panel control - Coater (spray, dip, slit) and additional drying processes


Product name: SKIp-CBL300
Electrode process: ~□300mm
Process pressure: atmospheric
Recommended gas: argon
*Other gases also discharge.
Gas flowmeter: 1000L/min max.
Gas flow control mechanism: Floater or MFC
Power supply: AC200V