• Atmospheric pressure (remote)
  • Painting / Plating
  • Adhesion / Bonding
  • Cultivation / Dental Care
  • Cleaning / Sterilization
  • For experimental use
  • For manufacturing

“Dielectric Barrier Discharger Slit Type SKIp-SLIt (Dr. Sakai’s technology, Kyoto University)”

The only product employing a multi-point barrier discharge system. Atmospheric pressure plasma system with slit type wide 100mm. Equipped with power adjustment and gas flow adjustment mechanism. Realizes precise processing.

Feature of product

- Space-saving control unit with built-in power supply can be easily mounted in-line
- No damage is done to the object to be treated.
- Excellent cost performance


- Multiple supply gas systems
- 1-axis robot X-Y robot R to R
- Touch panel control
- Coater (spray, dip, slit) and additional drying process

Other requests can be accommodated.


Product name: SKIp-SLIt
Slit size: ~100mm
Process pressure: atmospheric
Recommended gas: argon
*Other gases also discharge.
Gas flow rate: max. 100 L/min
Gas flow control mechanism: Floater or MFC
Power supply: AC100V / 50/60Hz