• Process gas available
  • Vacuum
  • Gas-less processing
  • Thin film formation
  • Hydrophobic
  • For experimental use

Direct Vaporization – Thin Film Deposition Equipment DH-CVD

The industry’s first safe plasma CVD that directly deposits films from liquid raw materials.

Product Overview

■Thin film deposition equipment that applies Sakigake Semiconductor’s unique ‘DH-CVD’ technology.
■Organometallic materials can be used safely without the need for hazardous gases.
■Low cost due to no need for liquid vaporization and flow control devices.
■ Thin film formation is possible with simple operations
■Easier to handle raw materials than gas

Specifications (Example)

Equipment name: Direct vaporization type - thin film formation equipment
Model DH-CVD
External dimensions 560mm(W)×560mm(D)×400mm(H)
Electrode stage 400 mm diameter, stainless steel (can be changed as an option)
Weight 200kg
Discharge Method AC Parallel Plate Type
High voltage power supply AC (synchronized with power supply frequency)
Output adjustment Manual adjustment
Gas introduction None
Exhaust flow rate adjustment: None (optional)
Vacuum gauge None (can be added as an option)
Timer: Set the plasma exposure time between 0 and 9999 seconds
Power supply: Single phase 200V, 15A (50Hz/60Hz) *including power supply for pump

Film deposition solution

■Compound solution 1 SiO2 film solution
■ Blend 2: Solution for hydrocarbon membrane/element-selective hydrocarbon membrane, custom compounded to meet your needs.
Formulation Solution 3: Solution for metal oxide film, custom formulated to meet your needs.