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We received the Encouragement Award at the 19th JPCA Awards for “Long-term retention technology for surface modification properties through plasma treatment”

Our company received the 19th JPCA Award Encouragement Award, an award for exhibitors at the exhibition “JPCA Show 2023” (duration: May 31-June 2, 2023) sponsored by the Japan Electronics Circuits Association (JPCA). did.

Technologies and products will be judged based on the criteria of “originality (uniqueness/originality)”, “development potential/prospect in industry”, “reliability”, and “suitability with the times” of exhibiting companies’ presentations. This is an award system.


5/31 At the award ceremony

Sakigake Semiconductor Sakamoto, Nakano, Ueno


The award-winning technology for long-term maintenance of surface modification properties through plasma treatment is a new SAM formation method that applies plasma technology, the Plasma Enhanced Molecular Bond Formation (PE-MBF) method, which improves surface properties after plasma treatment. It is a technique that can be maintained for a long time. Since it is possible to treat not only molded products but also powder surfaces, this technology is expected to be applied to functionalize the surfaces of various materials.



The 19th JPCA Awards

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