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Introducing The Industry’s First New CVD Technology For Safe Film Deposition Using Liquid Materials. The Direct Vaporization Thin Film Deposition System, ‘DH-CVD’, Is Set To Be Released On September 21.

Sakigake Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; CEO: Koshi Taguchi), a developer and vendor of plasma equipment, has pioneered a new plasma-based film deposition technology. The company is set to launch a dedicated direct vaporization thin film deposition system, ‘DH-CVD’, on September 21, 2022. This system introduces a novel technology for ‘plasma CVD’, a deposition method utilized in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Unlike conventional methods that use vaporized raw materials, this technology employs liquid raw materials, making it more manageable and leading to safer and more efficient production. Sakigake Semiconductor will also market specially formulated solutions to be used as raw materials. The research findings that underpin this technology will be presented at the Japan Society of Applied Physics on September 23, 2022.


■ Introducing The Industry’s First Safe Plasma CVD Technology That Directly Deposits Films From Liquid Materials

In the semiconductor industry, plasma CVD is a common method for film deposition. Traditionally, the liquid raw material for the film is vaporized outside the processing tank before being transformed into a film through a plasma-induced chemical reaction. Our innovative technology, the “Direct Vaporization-Type Thin Film Formation System DH-CVD”, eliminates the need for a separate vaporization process. Instead, it directly supplies the raw materials to the plasma system. This technology leverages the volatility of liquid components, and we offer compositions (solutions) containing polyols of diol or higher and the raw material solution for the film. This is a pioneering approach in the industry, marking the first practical application of a CVD technology that forms a film directly from a solution.



[Photo] Direct vaporization type thin film deposition equipment “DH-CVD” (with options)

[Membrane type]

・Hydrocarbon membrane
・Oxygen and/or nitrogen-containing hydrocarbon films
・Metal oxide (including compounds) (Si, Ca, Al, Ti, Zr, etc.)


■Safe and improved production efficiency

In the CVD process, often used in the production of next-generation perovskite solar cells, films are typically formed using volatile organometallic raw material gases. However, these vaporized organometallic materials are challenging to handle and pose safety risks. Our research has led to the development of a new technology that focuses on the volatility of liquid components, eliminating the need for a separate vaporization process. This advancement not only enhances safety but also improves production efficiency. This breakthrough is particularly significant in the context of perovskite solar cell manufacturing, a field that has been garnering considerable attention recently.

※”CVD”, short for “Chemical Vapor Deposition”, is a crucial process in the production of substrates for Integrated Circuits (ICs) and solar cells. It involves coating substrates with a thin film of silicon through a chemical reaction during the manufacturing process. This method plays a significant role in the semiconductor industry, particularly in the fabrication of ICs and solar cells.


■Product Overview

[Name of equipment: Direct vaporization thin film deposition equipment (DH-CVD)
[Date of release] September 21, 2022 (Wednesday)
[Price] Equipment: 5.9 million yen (including tax)

※The cost of our deposition solutions can vary based on specific conditions.


[Equipment specifications]

model Direct vaporization – thin film deposition equipment (DH-CVD)
Processing vessel Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, glass, PTFE
Discharge method AC parallel plate type
Electrode stage Stainless steel, diameter 400 mm (can be changed as an option)
High voltage power supply AC (synchronized with power supply frequency)
Output adjustment Manual adjustment
Gas introduction None
Exhaust flow adjustment None (can be added as an option)
Vacuum gauge None (can be added as an option)
Timer Set plasma irradiation time between 0 and 9999 seconds
External dimensions 560 mm (W) x 560 mm (D) x 400 mm (H) (approx., excluding protruding parts)
Power supply Power supply: Single-phase 200 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 15 A (including power supply for pump)

Film forming solution]

Formulation Solution 1 SiO2 Membrane Solution
Formulation Solution 2

Hydrocarbon Membrane/Selective Hydrocarbon Membrane Solution (Customized according to your request)

Formulation Solution 3 Solution for Metal Oxide Film (Customized according to your request)

DH-CVD product page


■ The 83rd Annual Autumn Meeting Of The Japan Society Of Applied Physics (Hybrid) 2022


Dates: Tuesday, September 20 – Friday, September 23, 2022

Venue: [Local Venue] Tohoku University Kawauchi-Kita Campus / [Online Venue] Zoom

SAKIGAKE Semiconductor Speaker: September 23, 9:15- (Lecture No. 23a-B101-2)

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